Airush defines world class kiteboarding accessories with uncompromising design, function and reliability.

We emerged in '98 with the first product line devoted solely to kiteboarding. From our inception, Airush gear has been created and tested by top riders and designers who put Airush products to the test in Maui's radical conditions. We take pride in our sole devotion, to bring you the most outstanding, innovative kiteboarding gear on the market.

[] airush sheeting systems
[] air-lines
[] air sock
[] new air ride bar
[] deluxe wrist leash
[] harness lines
[] airush waist harness
[] heel support strap
[] Mauricio Abreu pro model binding
[] X-wrap binding
[] trainer kite
[] impact vest
[] board bag
[] back pack
[] lycra shirt
[] Power Glide bar
[] Bar bag
[] Leash Loop
[] Expandable kite sleeves
[] Kite Weight Bag
[] Kite Sandal
[] Grab Handle

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