Airush Air-lines are specifically made for kiteboarding. From their unique color combinations to their tight stabilized weave of Dyneema® fibers, they are your ticket to performance and safety.

The minimal stretch of our lines creates a much crisper feel, allowing the flyer an awareness of the kites every movement. The result is a faster, tighter turning kite with less steering motion required to initiate turning. Airush lines are pre-stretched, tough, durable and abrasion resistant. They are pre-sleeved with sewn ends so set up time is minimal. With color differentiating line the chance of attaching incorrectly to the kite is minimized. We suggest putting the 'black lines in the back' and 'the colored lines in the front.'

Air Lines are sold in pairs (2 lines) on a card winder. They are available in 4 lengths to give riders a choice of how they want to fly. Most common lengths are 20 and 30 meter.

Sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40 meter.

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