Mauricio Abreu Pro Model Binding

The NEW 2002 Mauricio Abreu Pro Binding has been completely reengineered from the base plate up. The plate is lighter with more adjustability and incorporates a more cushioned foot bed. After rigorous testing, we found the perfect combination of foam layers and double overlays to achieve the ultimate fit. Each layer of this system serves a specific function. The foam layers extend higher on the shin than last year, providing greater support when riding fast and edging hard. This new foam height has proved essential in achieving maximum lateral support needed for the big jumps. The interior layer of foam creates a very snug fit with heel kidneys, while remaining extremely comfortable for those long kiting sessions. The outer foam layer has the ideal foam density to maintain comfort while maximizing support. The double overlay increases support while allowing proper flex. A heel lock down strap that uses a Quick Ladder Lock System has been added to secure the whole deal. All these features have been added to increase support and performance while maintaining our principal of easy binding entry. The Result - the ultimate fit with outrageous performance.

Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large.

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