Right from the beginning Airush's alliance with the world's finest designers and manufacturers established them as the planet's number one performer in kites, boards and accessories. The Airush development team has played a significant role in the radical evolution of kiteboarding.

Ben Serverne

Jeff Howard

Mike Birt

Jimmy Lewis
Headed by extraordinarily gifted Australian designer Ben Severne, Airush is pushing new boundaries further than ever before. In 2002 Ben, together with Texan Jeff Howard and England's Mike Birt, created two kite ranges from a standing start that sent shockwaves throughout the sport of kiteboarding. Using computer software specifically engineered by himself, together with his huge experience in many different aspects of CAD design and sail making, Ben was to have a profound influence on the sport. 2002 ATV's and Lifts left many riders aghast at the level of performance and build quality that inflatable kites had achieved. Since the finalization of those first patterns, Ben has spent almost twice as long working on the new kite range for 2003. It's been a long and secretive job, testing new kite innovations with Jeff, Mike and new pro team member Felix Pivec, in order to unleash the next big kiteboarding shake-up. Power and control are two of the most important aspects of boards for kiting. For 2003 Airush has redesigned every rocker line, scrutinized every rail, hull and plan shape in order to bring a new era to the water. When Jimmy Lewis realized the similarities in the dynamics of waterskiing and kiteboarding, he knew it would only be logical to design a kiteboard like a waterski. Delivering phenomenal results, he has since incorporated that design concept into all of his new shapes; The Wakestyle, the Switch, and the Fusion. Their design is a combination of the concave bottom and the rounded edge/rail which allows unmatched edging power and control with an ultra-smooth ride. Real extra edging power and upwind ability are also greatly improved. Colin McCulloch has spent a lifetime around foam and resin, and throughout the last 2 seasons his Twintip designs have become renowned for unnatural levels of grip in such an easy to use board. For 2003, Airush include three of Colin's newest shapes into our range, allowing everyone to share this phenomenon. Colin also evolved the Wakeskate, yet another "first ever" production concept from Airush. Svein Rasmussen's new Square ONE Twintip is yet another innovative concept in kite boarding with its extreme width and forgiving features. SquareONE keeps you planing even when the kite is not powered properly. It stays upwind very well and is a great tool for pilots who wish to learn kite boarding or ride in especially light wind conditions. Combined with the Trio kite, it makes the best entry level equipment available. Keith Baxter and Jeff Howard ensure that Airush accessories remain the choice of most pro kiters. Keith and his wife Karen founded Airush, the world’s first kite boarding accessory company and pioneered the sport by introducing it to the Hawaiian islands. The introduction of their power-glide bar for accelerated kite turning and the pulley bar which enables pro riders to perform 2-line tricks on a four line set-up keeps Airush ahead. Jim Drake, one of the foremost aerodynamicist of modern times and the designer of the aircraft holding the world speed record for the last 37 years, oversees new projects and ensures that accurate analysis of all foils guarantee they perform to their optimum. As the sport evolves, so do the riders. Their differing styles demand a varied array of kite characteristics and this goes a long way in explaining the increased variety of the 2003 range. It's not just the domain of the hardcore athlete anymore; kiteboarding is attracting all ages and all strengths, each with different equipment requirements. With more time for testing and development, Airush have refined a range that will appeal to the demands created by the latest generation of kiteboarders of all extremes.

Thanks for riding with us..

Colin McCulloch

Svein Rasmussen

Keith Baxter

Jim Drake

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