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COMPACT, Airush's Twin Tip design

The new Airush's Twin Tip design: Compact is developped with a modern graphic look and represents the ultimate in twin tip grip. Airush guarantees everyone can use and experience the performance of these Colin Mc Culloch twin tip designs, the shaper who brought us the outstanding Switch Pro. The Compact is fast, very stable, loose and takes no time to get use to.

The subtle concave bottom shape of the new Compact , combined with a rail transition from sharp in the tip/tail to soft in the mid section allows for early bottom end, with power and control in choppy conditions.
It has a six fins configuration (two main fins placed closed to the tail and tip and an extra heel fin placed near the rail at each end of the board) which gives unlimited edgeing potential, control in over powered conditions and fantastic upwind performance. The board grips like no other when you are really powered up and the soft mid rail section allows the rider to de-power the board with a controlled slide.

The Compact is combined with Airush's new EVA covered aluminium kite handle to allow the rider to have fingertip control while doing board off maneuvers.

The new foot bed designs are combined with the already well-known Airush asymmetric footstrap that makes the board feel like an extension of your own body.

Cool new graphics on a lightweight but /strong competition board are making the Compact a legend.

The Compact range consists of three different size boards:


Model Compact 133 x 36 Compact 138 x 37 Compact 140 x 39
Fins combination: 45mm main fins & 30mm heel fins 55mm main fins & 30mm heel fins 55mm main fins & 40mm heel fins
Thickness: 270mm 270mm 310mm
Weight: 2.8 kg 3.0 kg 3.25 kg
Volume: 8.2 Ltr 8.7 Ltr 9 Ltr

Compact | 133 | 138 | 140

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