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Airush's development of the Asymmetric Twin Tip concept began 3 years ago with the Svein Rasmussen's Switch 150. With constant refinement, the concept has been redeveloped for 2003 into completely separate series of Airush boards.

The Fusion is ultimately versatile; fin, asymmetric rocker and strap placements allow you to ride it forwards as well as backwards. Specially profiled fins provide real grip through the water, without any lift, losing no distance sideways even under extreme loading. The result is fantastic upwind performance, incredible light wind ability and the capacity to hold real power. It's easy to see why this mutant style of board has become the chosen weapon of competition riders.

In directional setup, the Fusion becomes a potent tool for wave riding. Capable of holding fast controlled turns under complete control it is supreme for all carving moves.

Designed by Jimmy Lewis, the Fusion shares the same Dominatrix hull shaping as the Switch and Wake series boards, allowing a progressive and controlled feel to a style of board that has traditionally been regarded as very technical. Like all of this year's boards, the Fusion combines cutting edge performance with new levels of ease and control that are immediately comfortable. An extension of yourself, Fusion delivers massive wind range and confident versatility to express your individual riding style...


Model Fusion 142 Fusion 158 Fusion 168
Length (cm) 142 158 168
Width (cm) 36.5 41 43
Scoop nose/tail(cm) tba/tba 6.2/2.8 6.7/7.0
Volume (liters) tba 12 15
Weight +-5% (kg) tba 3.5 3.8
Front fin(X2) tba Airush 4.0 Airush 4.0
Middle fin(X2) tba Airush 6.5 Airush 6.5
Rear fin(X2) tba Airush 12.3 Airush 12.3

Fusion 158 | 168

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