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Outwardly the 2003 Switch shares many similarities with the 2002 model, but in reality is a completely different animal. Jimmy Lewis has been busy perfecting all the key ratios of length, width, rocker, rail and hull shaping to create a new level of Twintip performance that has all of our team riders stunned.

The Dominatrix concept works so well in this series of board that it has brought new life to the symmetrical Twintip concept. The lightweight full sandwich construction and contoured straps help to pull off the most intricate of moves.

The single hull dominatrix brings a much softer, grippier and stable control to the range. It's like riding on a cushion of air that belies the true level of grip on the water. The new Switch throws up a huge rooster tail, without ever feeling harsh or unstable. As you feed more and more power into the board, the Dominatrix hull never releases grip suddenly, giving riders a feeling of complete confidence. The new rail and hull shape provide positive feedback to the rider helping them judge exactly how far they can go. Despite the increased stability, the new Switch is still just as loose for more radical and complex maneuvers.

The Switch also has one of the widest wind ranges of any board in the range. Needing very little wind to get up and going, it is also very efficient upwind, holding a clean direct edge. When conditions get rough, it is also capable of holding near wake levels of grip when the need arises. 2003 Switch is the true all rounder for a vast array of conditions and is suitable for all levels of rider from beginner to professional.

Choose your size and ride!

Airush introduces the next level of quality: as well as the seamless rails (see Technology page), the steps on the Switch boards are also sharply handfinished for a clean release and crisp performance true to Jimmy's orginal design.


Model Switch 149 Switch 159 Switch 169 Switch 179
Length (cm) 149 159 169 179
Width (cm) 37 38 39.5 40.5
Scoop nose/tail(cm) 5.3 6.2 6.9 8.5
Volume (liters) 9 9 10.5 11
Weight +-5% (kg) 3.15 3.30 3.35 3.45
Fin size(X1) Airush 5.0 Airush 5.0 Airush 5.0 Airush 5.0

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