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The Switch Pro represents the ultimate in twin tip grip. Now Airush guarantees everyone can experience the outstanding success of these Colin McCulloch Twintip designs, with unnatural levels of grip in such an easy to use board. The Switch Pro was designed for exceptional edging capability essential for boosting air and general control. By keeping the width narrow so that both heels and toes are over the rail promoting a faster and more aggressive style of sailing, the Switch Pro delivers big time.

Channels were incorporated to give the board more drive and grip, and to increase the rocker towards the tip, which gains the rider better clearance and prevents nose plants in chop. Riders use different parts of the board at different times; the center part of the board has more rocker for smoother landing, the rail is used for edging and is the flattest part of the board and so the fastest. The amount of power it is possible to hold with the Switch Pro puts wakeboards to shame. It's not hard to see then why this board is so good for jumping. Unlike a wake however, the Switch Pro retains the ability to complete all the diverse transitions that only a strapped board allows, whilst offering a very easy user-friendly platform to ride.

The Switch Pro is also unique in that it is the only board in the 2003 range to feature fully contoured 3D foot beds, which when combined with Colin and BenŐs asymmetric footstrap designs make the board feel like and extension of your own body.

The Switch Pro is constructed with a EPS / PVC sandwich core technology that reduces weight 20%, yet maintains full strength, another first from the Airush engineers. For those who want to hold power in complete security, with the minimum of fuss the Switch Pro offers a level of performance that anyone can master. Total control for those who crave power riding.


Model Switch 31 Switch 33 Switch 37
Length (cm) 148 148 150
Width (cm) 31 33 37
Scoop nose/tail(cm) 5.4 5.8 6.3
Volume (liters) 8 9 10
Weight +-5% (kg) 2.8 2.9 3.1
Fin Size(X4) Airush 4.0 Airush 4.0 Airush 4.0

Switch Pro 31 | 33 | 37

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