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Our 2003 Wake series boards originate from the "Wake master" himself; long term Kite Beach resident, Jimmy Lewis. Renowned for his ground breaking designs from the very beginning of the sport he has taken a radical leap forward into 2003. Through his close collaboration with the world's top riders, Jimmy creates a new range that pushes the kiteboard wake concept even further.

After inclusion throughout the last 2 years designs, most notable in 2003 are the missing cutouts, Why? The new Dominatrix shaping together with a slightly shorter, wider plan shape has allowed Jimmy to retain the same levels of bite and control as previous designs, whilst giving the new boards a fantastic amount of "pop" for jumping. The extra tail area helps the board to release from the water with far more force than ever before, making jumps higher and the more intricate moves easier. The single concave shaping cushions the initial impact, making landings smoother.

Overall ride is much softer and grip more predictable, with complete feedback to the rider. Extra width for 2003 allows more direct rail placement in the water either side of the binding for more progressive and precise carving and edging.

The wind range has expanded significantly; Dominatrix shaping and increased width helps early planning whilst retaining top end control.

For 2003 , the Airush Wakes represent another leap forward in design, meeting the increasing demands of today’s intense riding styles. More performance with increased user friendliness - the board to take you To your limits - and beyond!


Another "First" by Airush, Proudly design and shaped by Colin Mc Culloch.

The Wakeskate is designed for the more advanced pilot who wants to push the limits. It can be used either as a bit of fun or, taken more seriously as a new form of extreme kiteboarding. Best on flat water in any type of wind condition, the rockerline is a smooth constant curve with one small tail fin at each end. The rails are beveled upwards, with higher release edge giving the rider more confidence in sliding without tripping the rail whilst allowing the rider to feel his position on the board. The nose and tail are raised to act in the same way as kickers on a skateboard. The overall look of the board is rounded so that there are no real heavy hard edges - It has a full EVA deck so that the rider can stand comfortably anywhere.


Model Wakestyle 136 Wakestyle 146 Wakeskate
Length (cm) 136 146 125
Width (cm) 38 40 38.5
Scoop nose/tail(cm) 4.0 5.2 tba
Volume (liters) 6 7 tba
Weight +-5% (kg) 2.5 2.8 tba
Fin size(X4) Airush 4.0 Airush 4.0 tba

Wake Style 136 | 146 | Wakeskate

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