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Design brief ;
Create a kite that can exceed the performance of the previous model in a package that is both more stable and easier to use.

From the multiple 2003 prototype tests came a Continuous Curve leading edge design, with slightly fuller chord and refined shaping that combines significant advantages over its predecessor.

The 2003 Lift has eliminated all luffing tendencies, making the Lift not only one of the best performing kites on the market but also one of the most stable kites in the air too. Hovering overhead it exhibits complete stability, as the modified shaping prevents over-flying and completely eliminates any tendency for stalling or falling backwards when the wind drops significantly. Airflow across the kite is far more stable than ever before.

Under power it is totally solid, cutting through gusty and turbulent conditions with ease. There is significantly more power at lower speeds this year, which brings two advantages over its predecessor. Firstly the new Lift will still ride fast when required, yet retains the ability to cruise at much slower speeds when conditions get rough. Secondly, a much improved depower adjustment range allows power to be adjusted much more gradually with the 2003 lift. You can tune exactly the power you need to precisely control your speed. Lastly, heavier riders will benefit greatly from the Lifts increased pull at slower speeds.

The extra power is especially useful for getting up and going in marginal conditions. Turning ability is responsive, and progressive, never feeling out of control. It has all the performance that most will ever need yet has a refined and calm character that lets you concentrate solely on riding. The Lift is a new generation of kite ideal for those who value both performance and control in a wide variety of conditions.


Model Surface area Span Span/Chord Aspect Ratio Chord Wind Range
Lift 7.0 7.0 5200 3.1 3.9 1700 22-38
Lift 9.0 9.0 6200 3.4 4.3 1800 17-32
Lift 11.5 11.5 8000 4.4 5.6 1800 12-24
Lift 15.5 15.5 10000 5.1 6.5 1950 9-20
Lift 20.0 20.0 1200 5.5 7.2 2200 7-16
(sqm) (mm) (mm) (knot)

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