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For the experienced kiter, there is nothing to touch the Lift Pro for 2003. Prepare for

a shock!

Design brief ;
Simple. Push kite performance as far as it can go for the most demanding of riders. A singular mission to create a weapon for performance way in excess of anything created before. Optimize upwind ability, speed of turning, response, efficiency, wind range and lift even further. Deliver the next generation of kiteboarding performance.

Throughout exhaustive development, testing and prototype refinement the new Lift Pro has proven to be a radical improvement over the entire size range that pushes "all out" performance to new levels beyond even our riders expectations.

Weight is critical to performance and requires a realistic minimalist design approach - we found that struts were a major factor in the overall weight of a kite, so it was imperative that we achieve the solid structural rigidity required with the absolute minimum weight. The Lift Pro features a Continuous Curve leading edge, and an increased number of sub-seams and new Tri-panel struts for the most accurate foil shape location under extreme performance loads.

With incredible forward drive and an unstoppable appetite to get to the front of the window, this is a kite capable of extraordinarily high cruising speed with perfect handling. The Lift Pro dominates on water, with boosts at least 50% higher than last year's Lift, in complete control. This is a new breed of ultra responsive kite in the air. Redirection is immediate, powerful and controlled together with a reduced loading on the bar. The larger sizes now exhibit devastating performance to levels never though possible in kites over 10m2. Its acceleration once redirected, coupled with an extreme penetration to the front of the window gives the Lift Pro a colossal wind range. Fast and efficient in light air, it also has the capacity for handling more wind than any other kite on the market.

Is there a price to pay for this level of performance?

Why shouldn't everyone buy the Lift Pro? The answer, in truth, is that the Lift Pro is designed for the expert kiteboarder; although overall stability has been improved over last years Lift, the Lift Pro is an extremely fast and responsive kite. Like driving a Ferrari, this is cutting edge performance, but far more dedicated than the normal Lift in inexperienced hands.


Model Surface area Span Span/Chord Aspect Ratio Chord Wind Range
Lift Pro 11.5 11.5 8000 4.6 5.6 1750 12-27
Lift Pro 15.5 15.5 10000 5.1 6.7 1950 8-21
Lift Pro 19.6 19.5 12000 5.6 7.4 2150 6-17

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