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Design brief ;
Create a new user friendly, lightweight kite generation that is responsive, yet calm and composed, combine excellent performance with a minimum of fuss. Practical and affordable yet durable.

With its less complicated appearance and lower pricetag, many would believe that the Trio is just the beginner's kite in the Airush range. Well, they would be wrong. True it is ideal for beginners, but the Trio is so much more.

The recent race for performance and complexity within kitesurfing has been dizzying, but Ben's experimentation and development of shaping technology have lead to a new development in kitesurfing, aimed at a simpler and safer way to ride. Not everyone needs the ultimate in complexity in order to chase extreme limits.

For many, maximum fun is just riding, in safety with a feeling of complete security and, above all, ease of use. For these riders, Airush created the innovative Trio. A reduction to three struts has been possible this season due to the advanced increased seam shaping technology developed over the last 12 months. This enables the Trio to achieve riding characteristics that are unique in the world of kiteboarding.

The Trio's refined light weight and foil stability make it extremely secure in the air and give it a fast, solid feel. Its low mass makes for fast and responsive turning, yet its relatively low aspect ratio and full foil keep Trio from becoming too fast. With a very intuitive feel, it imparts a lot of rider feedback allowing them to always know exactly where their kite is within the flight window. Its 4-line configuration makes it easy to depower. The efficiency built into the shaping drives you upwind with ease, whilst in experienced hands it's also capable of boosting respectable airtime.

Even in the lightest of winds, water relaunch is incredibly easy thanks to its outline and light weight. The result is a kite that is always effortless to use, with commendable performance yet remaining totally stable and safe to ride. With a light, quick, controllable nature the Trio represents a new generation of no fuss, easy to use kites.


Model Surface area Span Span/Chord Aspect Ratio Chord Wind Range
Trio 3.0 3.0 tba tba tba tba 28-39
Trio 5.0 5.0 4000 2.5 3.2 1700 24-35
Trio 7.0 7.0 5000 2.6 3.6 1900 18-29
Trio 9.0 9.0 6200 3.0 4.3 2100 14-25
Trio 12.0 12.0 7600 3.5 4.8 2200 9-18
(sqm) (mm) (mm) (knot)

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