Wake Style Construction

The new Wakestyle shapes from Jimmy called for the development of a new compression technology that involves the CNC machining of a full PVC blank, laminated and compressed under 2 tons. The glass layup remains true to Jimmy's prototypes to maintain the important flex and response characteristics of the original masters, and a smooth top sheet film wraps the board to increase durability and scratch resistance.

As the first to introduce this pioneering technology to production kiteboards, Airush is proud to present the reference in Wakestyle kiteboard construction - others will soon follow.

Sandwich Construction

The lightweight Sandwich Construction is a second-generation dedicated kiteboard technology. First introduced by Airush last season, the technology has been proven to be outstanding in durability and strength, and has been refined further this year to increase strength to weight ratio.

Drawn from years of leading board design experience, the construction combines the properties of exotic materials in a unique way. A light EPS core is wrapped in a military-grade glass weave and a full 3mm PVC sandwich layer. A heavy-duty layer of glass and optimum reinforcements in carbon, wood and glass form the outer layer. A smooth, tactile top-sheet finishes the board with a skin that protects against scratches, sand slides and other grinds.

Seamless Rails

The latest kiteboarding developments brought new tucked-under and softer rail shapes. Extensive development work in production therefore followed to ensure that the rail shape of the master boards are respected. Airush introduces a World first: a top sheet technology rail finish that does away with the seam line that limited a board’s riding characteristics. The rails are now custom finished to offer the perfect shape that makes a massive difference on the water.

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