Less is More. This is especially true with things that you want to fly - any excess weight doesn't help your cause. Our 2003 kites are lean, mean, flying machines. Trimmed of all excess fat, all that's left is the raw power and the means to control it.

The bar was raised with our 2002 Airush kites, and it was fun watching everyone scramble to catch up; some came closer than others. But for 2003 we have had double the development time, WAY more knowledge, plus the desire to maintain our position at the cutting edge of kite design - we proudly present the '03 AIRUSH collection.

Continuous Curve Leading Edge. Incorporated in our highest performance designs, the Lift and Lift PRO. Best combination of strength, accuracy, and even pressure distribution. Increased structural rigidity allows for decreased L.E. diameter, and less form drag.
Tri Panel struts. Made up of three separate panels, the Tri Panel struts serve 2 purposes; To increase shaping accuracy, creating a very smooth curve on the top of the strut, and to remove the traditional rolled seam on the top of the strut which causes wear on the canopy.

For 2003, we have continued with our much-copied construction techniques; flat, glued triple-stitched seams on the entire sail body, taped and glued seams on L.E., 2-ply leech......... New for '03 are the EVA seam guard on the segmented L.E. kites and the Tri Panel struts on Lift PRO.

All construction techniques are must meet three strict criteria;
  • They must increase performance.
  • They must increase durability.
  • They must increase build accuracy.
The third point is quite important - it doesn't matter if you have the highest performance design, if it's too complex to build accurately, you will end up with the lowest performance kite. For that reason, our designers travel to the production facility in China every month to develop manufacturing techniques that would enable absolute consistency in the reproduction of our designs.

Segmented Leading Edge. Used on the Trio and Flow, the Segmented L.E. displays good performance characteristics, as well as being very durable. Economical cloth usage.
EVA Seam Guard. The disadvantage to the Segmented L.E. is the rolled seam on the top of the L.E. , that quickly cuts into the main canopy. We have addressed this issue by covering the seam with a layer of EVA foam.

Multiple attachment points allow for fine tuning of the kite characteristics by the user to suit his individual preference.
Flat Seams. All the body panels on the canopy are glued and triple stitched to maximize accuracy and strength. 9mm wide seams for the best combination of accuracy and strength.
2-Ply Leeches. The leech extremity is reinforced to reduce stretch, and maintain the low-drag foil sections. Homogenous material to eliminate any hard point, or flogging tendency.
Sizing. We have opted to change the way we size our kites to the flat surface area method. Below is a size comparison between last year's kites and this year's;

2003 Lift 9.0 = 2002 Lift 7.4
2003 Lift 11.5 = 2002 Lift 9.4
2003 Lift 15.5 = 2002 Lift 12.2
2003 Lift 20.0 = 2002 Lift 16.0

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